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I offer private art and gallery tours in London. 
You can book now for
bespoke private tours in English-
up to 15 people in a tour in London.

My private guided gallery tours can help you discover:

  • Which Exhibitions have the art world buzzing

  • Where to see up-and-coming artists first

  • Which galleries are best suited to your preferences and budget


If you’re an art lover looking for a fun and exciting way to explore

London, then look no further than its vibrant art scene.

From famous museums and art galleries like The National Gallery and The Tate Modern to street art gems hidden along less popular streets, London art has something for everyone. 

We will visit the best London's art galleries in neighbourhoods such as:

  • Mayfair

  • St James

  • Soho

  • Fitzrovia

Upon booking, you’ll be able to let us know your interests. We’ll put together an itinerary of guided gallery visits that combines all the best for you. Keep in mind that all of my tours in English are private as we do not offer public group tours in English for the moment.

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